About Us

In the 1980s, many medical malpractice insurance carriers withdrew from the market, leaving providers with few options for protecting their practice. In response, a group of concerned physicians founded their own insurance company. Their mission was to defend fellow practitioners, support their business needs, and be an ally in challenging times. With integrity as a guiding value, Integris has been a partner to members for more than 35 years.

Although healthcare has changed dramatically over the years, we‘ve stayed true to our physician roots and dedication to our members. Much more than a medical malpractice insurance carrier, we’re an industry leader providing holistic support to thousands of healthcare practitioners.

We are Integris Group. Experience Leads.

Strength comes from many places, but strength in purpose comes from within.  From our Board of practicing doctors to our roots as a doctor-founded and owned company, our strong ties to our members keep us linked to the needs of healthcare professionals.  The practice of medicine has transformed, and so has our suite of professional liability insurance products, services, and innovative business solutions.  We are more than prepared; we are practiced. Integris Group. Experience Leads.®

Our Mission

To provide our members with exceptional protection and support in an ever evolving healthcare environment by delivering the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service and innovative business solutions.

Experience leads

Integris Group provides the healthcare community with the highest quality insurance products, services, and business solutions. We offer our members:

  • Fully customizable liability solutions for medical professionals and facilities.
  • Risk Management services delivered by clinical experts who know how to keep practices and patients safe.
  • Claims specialists who utilize a proven process to rigorously defend our members.
  • Resources, training, and recommendations to manage the business side of being a doctor.

We are Integris Group. Experience leads.


The Company

Integris Group, a Mutual Holding Company, includes Integris Financial Services, Incorporated and Integris Insurance Company. Integris Group is a leader in developing innovative insurance programs, services, and solutions for physicians, doctors, healthcare providers, hospitals, and facilities dating back to the origins of the Company in 1984, then known as CMIC Group.

A history of innovation

  1. Integris Group completes acquisition of MedMal Direct Insurance Company and its agency, CorePRO Insurance

  2. Growth and Expansion

    CMIC RRG rebrands as Integris RRG

    Integris RRG expands company footprint into New York state

    Kirk Tweedy joins the Company as COO

  3. Enhancing and Expanding Our Member Benefits

    Member Advantage+, a robust benefits package exclusive to Integris Group policyholders, is launched

    Legacy Rewards, a rebranded, enhanced, and expanded version of the prior Loyalty Rewards program, is rolled out to eligible members

  4. We are Integris Group

    CMIC Group rebrands as Integris Group and unveils new company structure

    Integris Group responds to COVID-19 pandemic by suspending premiums and declaring a special dividend

  5. COVID-19 pandemic has a wide ranging impact on providers across the world

  6. Supporting Members

    “The Care You Need: An Emotional Support Program” is launched

    “How To, a Business Management Educational Series” for independent medical practices in Connecticut is introduced

  7. Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Gallant, assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer and Michael Conneely, Director of Finance, assumes the role of Chief Financial Officer

    Policyholder surplus reaches over $300 million

  8. Rewarding Members

    Loyalty Rewards Program is created

  9. A Milestone Anniversary

    25-year anniversary

    Professional liability coverage for hospitals and facilities is offered

    Cyber liability coverage comes standard with every policy

    CMIC RRG provides products and services throughout New England

  10. Select broker agencies in Connecticut partner with CMIC

    CMIC becomes admitted carrier in Massachusetts

  11. Professional liability coverage for podiatrists and chiropractors is offered

  12. In a challenging economy, insurers increase premiums

    New carriers enter the Connecticut market

    In 2002, Connecticut is considered a state “in crisis for medical liability” according to the American Medical Association

  13. On Solid Financial Footing

    Policyholder surplus reaches $77.8 million

  14. A Top-Rated Company

    Board reaffirms the company’s charter as a mutual insurance company, meaning that members directly benefit from underwriting profits

    CMIC offers professional liability coverage to dentists and oral surgeons

    AM Best rating awarded to CMIC

  15. First policyholder dividend calculated at $1.5 million

  16. Insurance companies stabilize due to well-performing stock investments and likewise build large reserves, preventing rate increases

  17. Surplus grows to $37.5 million

  18. Risk management seminars introduced

    First renewal of policies begins

    First claim review is conducted

  19. CMIC (Connecticut Medical Insurance Company) issues its first policy on October 1, 1984

  20. CMIC Answers the Call

    New England faces a large increase in premiums, indemnity payments, and claim frequency

    The malpractice industry faces low profits and escalating costs, which causes many carriers to exit the market

Decades of experience supporting and defending doctors