Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful answers to common questions about Medical Professional Liability Insurance, our claims process, our broker relationships, and more. If you’re looking for information on insurance products, please visit Coverages. If you have any other questions, you may contact us.

Medical Professional Liability Insurance (sometimes known as medical malpractice insurance) is coverage to protect doctors and healthcare providers against claims of negligence. Typically, this includes defense expense costs and indemnity.

An indemnity is a sum of money paid as compensation on behalf of an insured for actual or potential losses incurred by another.

Tail coverage, also known as an extended reporting period, is a time period allotted for claims to be reported and coverage triggered after the policy has been canceled.

A Claims Made policy covers claims reported during the policy period. The coverage in place at the time of the reporting is the coverage that is triggered. An Occurrence policy covers claims stemming from incidents that occurred during the policy period, even if that policy has been canceled.

The incident limit is the total amount indemnified for a single claim. The aggregate is the total amount indemnified through multiple claims over the course of the policy period.

Historically, Integris Group worked directly with its members in Connecticut. In 2011, Integris Group began working with select broker agencies in Connecticut and elsewhere. If you are practicing in Connecticut and would like to work directly with the Integris team, you can elect to do so. You can also view a list of our current broker partners.

You should always inform the Integris claims department of any legal complaint or formal notification of a medical malpractice claim against you. But we also encourage you to contact us after any adverse event related to your care of a patient or any time a patient or representative expresses displeasure with the treatment you provided. The earlier we’re aware of a potential incident or claim, the more assistance we can provide.

We retain only the most highly skilled and experienced attorneys to protect our members. In addition to possessing best-in-class medico-legal expertise, counsel selected by Integris Group must also adhere to the strictest reporting requirements so that policyholders are fully informed of case developments and their implications. Further, because a strong physician-attorney relationship is invaluable, we retain qualified attorneys with whom our insureds have had a positive prior experience.

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