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Malpractice insurance for doctors—plus, operational tools and resources

Managing a successful medical office takes resources, tools, and a talented staff. From recruiting to marketing to safeguarding health records—the day-to-day work of running an office requires advanced systems and knowledge. That’s why Integris Group offers webinars and educational resources to help you manage the business side of practicing medicine.

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Business management webinars and live events

We’re here to support your practice in as many ways as possible. Our educational series brings you timely information and strategies to manage everything from your people to your payroll.

Many of our programs are available online. These are just some of the topics we cover:

  • Marketing your practice. Social media can be a powerful tool in marketing your practice to patients. Learn how to use it effectively while navigating HIPAA concerns.
  • Minimizing cyber security threats. Learn why health care is a major target for cyber-security breaches and how to protect your data.
  • Handling sexual harassment issues. Find out how to identify, respond to, and prevent harassment in your medical practice.
  • Navigating employment issues. Employment law is often complicated. Find out how to best handle interviews, hiring, contracts, and more.
  • Spotting fraud. Fraud happens, even at the best-run practices. Learn how to identify unusual activity.

We provide this series free of charge, whether you have a policy with us or not. As a mutual company, the loyalty and support of our membership allows Integris Group to give back to the medical community in a variety of ways.

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Administrative resources

Never waste time searching for administrative forms. Download our catalog of templates that make administrative tasks easier than ever, including:

  • Business Associate Agreement Template
  • Notice of Privacy Practices Template
  • Newspaper Ad When Discontinuing Your Medical Practice
  • Sample Patient Survey
  • Financial Policy Template

Access this members-only resource by signing into your account.

Training for state and federally mandated compliance

As you know, state and federal mandates require you and your staff to complete certain training programs every year. While other medical offices must pay third-party vendors top dollar for training, Integris Group members can access HIPAA compliance training, sexual harassment training (satisfies the Connecticut state mandated requirement), and much more—at no additional cost. It’s a convenient and easy way to ensure your team stays up to speed.

We’re dedicated to protecting you, your employees, and your practice from litigation. We value you as a member and appreciate your commitment to excellence.

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“It was a very helpful program with lots of ideas and thoughts to take back and utilize.”

— “How To” series attendee

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