Integris Group is committed to investing in our members and offering all of our policyholders benefits that have true value to them.

As a part of that commitment to our members, we have developed Member Advantage+, a benefits package encompassing resources and programs that are all designed to give our membership the ultimate advantage in the medical malpractice insurance marketplace.

Join the ranks of our strong — and growing — member community.

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Legacy Rewards

Celebrating loyal members

Following a full year of coverage, we allocate 5% of an eligible member's prior year premium to their Legacy Rewards account.

The account continues accruing each year that you remain insured with the Company. Your full balance is then distributed to you upon a qualifying event.

Members can view their balance in the Member Portal.

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Discounts on Goods and Services Relevant to the Operations of a Medical Practice 

Integris members, are eligible for discounted rates from Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI), a national collections agency that has been in business for over fifty years servicing a wide variety of industries and well-known corporations, including medical practices and health systems. 

If you choose to use TSI’s collection services, members will receive from TSI:

  • A discount on the fixed fee charged per account sent to TSI for collections under their Accelerator and Profit Recovery programs
  • 100% of the funds collected by TSI, which are paid directly to the practice through these two programs
  • A dedicated TSI representative with experience working with medical practices 
  • For more information, please contact us.

Integris has arranged for TSI to offer Integris members certain TSI collection products at discounted rates from TSI’s standard rates. Integris is not affiliated with, endorsing, or sponsoring the services offered by TSI.

Other benefits available under the

Member Advantage+ program:

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How To...A Business Management Educational Series

Our How To program is a lecture series on operational topics for medical practices, including marketing and advertising, sexual harassment, employment law, among others. All sessions are free-of-charge and is available to all local practices, regardless of if you are a policyholder.

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Cyber Liability Portal

Integris members have access to a cyber liability portal where you can learn more about cyber liability exposure and how to strengthen your safeguards, download customizable form templates, and participate in online trainings (including HIPAA compliance courses).

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